1. To use La24CRM services, every user, whether an individual or a legal entity, can only create one user account. To create an account, you can go to the registration page.
  2. Only individuals who are over 18 years of age and have legal eligibility have the right to use La24CRM system and make purchases. Therefore, if a user is under 18 years old, they can only have a user account through their parents or legal guardians.
  3. The user must enter the requested information correctly and up-to-date at the time of registration and product purchase, and the responsibility for the inaccuracy of the user information lies with the user. In case of proving the contrary, La24CRM is authorized to pursue legal action with the relevant authorities. Also, in case of any changes in the user information, the user is obliged to change and update the information, otherwise the user’s previous information will be the basis of action until the user information is updated.
  4. The user is obliged to register in the La24CRM system only with their own email and phone number.
  5. During registration, the user sets their username and password. The responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of the account information lies with the owner of the information. The user is solely responsible for any incident that may occur as a result of neglect or carelessness on their part. By using La24CRM, the user agrees to immediately notify La24CRM of any unauthorized use of their account or password or any other security breach. Until notification is made to La24CRM, the user will be responsible for all activities that are carried out through their account.
  6. The right to use the user account is exclusively reserved for the person whose information has been registered in the system as a user, and the user is not authorized to allow other individuals or legal entities to use their account. The user will be responsible for all activities carried out through their account by other individuals or legal entities regarding the services related to La24CRM, and the responsibility will lie with the user whose identity information has been registered.
  7. Legal responsibilities regarding the use of La24CRM services for legal entities will be the responsibility of the managers of the relevant organizations.
  8. The user considers all data messages issued through their user account as belonging to themselves, and any claim of denial, doubt, or forgery of the sent data messages from the mentioned area is inadmissible.
  9. The user is aware that by registering in the La24CRM system, they may receive emails or messages from the La24CRM system regarding the introduction of products and services or informing about events.
  10. The user accepts that La24CRM may use SMS to the number previously defined or email to the address provided by the user during the identity verification process as a means of communication with them. The user is aware that identity verification may be carried out at intervals determined by La24CRM.
  11. By purchasing any product, the user accepts that they are only granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, unlimited-time license to use it for a single domain.
  12. The discount codes provided by La24CRM can only be applied before the invoice is paid, and for any reason, it is not possible to apply the discount after the payment is made.
  13. La24CRM makes every effort to ensure the accuracy and consistency of its content. However, La24CRM, its managers, employees, or representatives do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the La24CRM system or its content. They will not be held responsible for any damages caused to users due to the disclosure of information, errors, mistakes, or bugs in the use of the La24CRM system. Additionally, La24CRM accepts no responsibility for the removal of its website pages or dead links. Under no circumstances will La24CRM be responsible for delays or malfunctions of the website that may be caused by natural factors, human factors, internet problems, computer equipment failure, telecommunications, etc., and the user uses this website with knowledge of these issues.
  14. Support requests for a purchased product must be submitted through the ticket system. The maximum response time to support tickets is 48 hours after the last request made by the user (except official holidays).
  15. La24CRM will only be able to provide support in collaboration with the buyer. The buyer agrees that if they use support services after purchasing, they will precisely follow all the solutions and requirements provided by La24CRM. In case the solutions and requirements are not followed, the relevant support ticket will be closed by La24CRM, and the support will be terminated.
  16. It is essential to carefully review the product quality, reviews from other buyers, user-submitted comments, online previews, product descriptions, and other relevant details before making a purchase.
  17. Charges to the wallet, whether initiated by the buyer or given as a gift by La24CRM to the user, are non-refundable under any circumstances.
  18. Any advertising of other products, discussion of other markets, and insults or defamation in comments or the ticket system (support) will result in immediate account suspension without prior notice. The user’s account balance will also be blocked, and they will lose the right to file any complaints.
  19. Respect and cooperation are always necessary in technical support processes. Therefore, in case of disrespect or lack of cooperation, your ticket will be removed from the response process, and if it is repeated, your account will be suspended without prior notice.
  20. Creating duplicate tickets is not allowed. Therefore, if duplicate tickets are detected, the user will be given a warning for the first time, and in case of repetition, their account will be temporarily suspended.
  21. Please refrain from sending tickets to follow up on a previous issue before the allowed response time according to clause 14. It is evident that with each request, your ticket will go to the end of the response queue.
  22. Please refrain from sending tickets to follow up on a previous issue before the allowed response time according to clause 14. It is evident that with each request, your ticket will go to the end of the response queue.
  23. If a product is offered with a free training session on the La24CRM website, the buyer can use this free session for up to one month after the purchase. It is worth noting that for holding the session after this period, the buyer must pay the full session fee.
  24. Selling and distributing products on other markets and websites is prohibited. If it is proven that the purchased product has been sold by you on other websites or social networks or provided for free to other users, La24CRM has the right to suspend your access to future versions of the purchased product. In case of repeated violations, your account will be suspended.
  25. By paying the invoice amount or subscribing to La24CRM’s website, the buyer accepts the terms and conditions of the agreement, and there is no need to obtain a signature from the buyer.
  26. La24CRM is responsible for the complete protection of the buyer’s personal information. La24CRM will only provide the requested personal information to judicial authorities based on a legal necessity and in response to a court order.
  27. The maximum compensation for proven damages by the dispute resolution authority to the buyer for any type of service or product is equal to the cost of the purchased product paid by the buyer. La24CRM will not be responsible for any damages beyond this amount.
  28. The agreement for using La24CRM’s services is subject to the laws and regulations of the country. As these laws and agreements may change online and monthly at the national and international levels, La24CRM reserves the right to make future changes to the agreement, and the updated version of the agreement will be available to the public through a link to the agreement page on the La24CRM website. Furthermore, La24CRM is not responsible for notifying individuals of potential changes, and the buyer must check the website as necessary.