Kanban is a special tool for managing tasks

With this tool, you can manage your projects with the Scrum method, and also by arranging and prioritizing tasks for different departments, you can prevent forgetting tasks and increase the accuracy of tasks


Create infinite Kanban or columns Create Kanban for every department from warehousing, research and marketing, sales, etc

Link to

In the cards, refer to the attached profile and form very quickly

Private and Public

Define a variety of access levels for Kanbans or make it completely private


Save any type of information from the previous work completion percentage, deadline, start date, etc


You can create your scrum board as desired with different columns and colors


Archive or restore columns or kanbans whenever you want

Automatic Updates

Automatic Kanban update if changed by other people

Automatic or Manual

You can create a new card in Kanban based on automatic programs or manually through forms and profiles

Images of the Kanban

Introduction to other features of the La24CRM