WooCommerce Report builder

By collecting the knowledge of sales managers and software engineers, we have developed a unique plugin for the most popular e-commerce platform, WooCommerce. With the WooCommerce Reporting plugin, regardless of your familiarity with WooCommerce, you can generate and analyze various sales reports. This plugin has been developed in accordance with WooCommerce standards, WordPress, and market management expertise. Below, the unique features of this plugin are introduced.

Filter by Product

With the WooCommerce report builder plugin, you can generate reports based on a specific product, within a custom timeframe

Filter by Categories

Similar to filtering based on a product, filtering based on product categories is also embedded in the WooCommerce reporting plugin. This allows you to turn any scenario that meets your needs into a precise report

Buyer Information and Orders

Choose any desired information from buyer or order details to display in the results, and after generating the report, save any output format such as Excel, CSV, etc., from the displayed information

Boasting the most powerful WooCommerce reporting engine

Filter by Statuses

You can filter your reports based on various order statuses in WooCommerce. It's worth mentioning that this is compatible with all plugins that customize order statuses

Bulk Actions on Results

Bulk actions such as sending email, SMS, send to the target group, etc. are among the unique features of the WooCommerce report builder.

Categories Comparison Chart

Display various categories on the chart at different time intervals and, by analyzing these reports and comparing them with previous periods, keep track of the sales trend of these product categories

Products Comparison Chart

Display various products on the chart over different time intervals. Analyze these reports and compare them with previous periods to monitor the sales trend of each product.

Periodic Sales Chart

Track and analyze the sales of your website within custom time intervals, providing a detailed breakdown by day, month, and year on an efficient and visually appealing chart. The flexibility to configure order statuses in WooCommerce (either one or multiple statuses simultaneously) enhances your ability to tailor the analysis according to your specific needs.

Table of Best Selling Products

View the best-selling products of your store in a table with desired settings.

Sales Table

Monitor your store in different time periods on a beautiful and efficient table.

Make a sales report of anything

Tax reports

Inactive customer reports

Shipping reports

Order location reports

Payment gateway reports

Discount coupon reports

Unrepeated order reports

Images of the WooCommerce Reporting Environment

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