Manage Leads to Conversion...

The leads of a system are the liquidity opportunity of your business, manage them in the best way


Custome Data

Save any type of information for the lead such as: how it was created, follow-up person and any other custome field


Send SMS and email automatically

Send predefined automated messages in different time sequences by creating leads


Advanced Search

Find leads based on custome fields


Access Permissions

Applying access permissions for system personnel to access lead and customer information


Conversion Rate

Report the leads generated in the custome time period and calculate their conversion rate


Become a customer

Converting leads to customers and transferring information systemically


Automatic Identification

Automatic identification of leads converted to customers in the custome time sequence (based on email, contact number, website address)


Identify Duplicate Leads

Automatic identification of duplicate leads in the system in the custome time sequence

Screenshots of lead management capabilities in La24CRM ​

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