Systematically save any type of business data with the organizational form builder ...

With this feature you can:

  • Monitor and track all customer or lead records in real-time
  • Extract various outputs from them to be prepared for any campaign
  • Provide the best services to your customers with accurate and precise information in the shortest possible time


Create different responsibles for the form and apply different levels of access for each user role.


Post types

Fully compatible with WordPress post types and expandable



Defining different statuses for ease of follow-up (compatible with post statuses in WordPress)


Assign User

Assigning users or leads to the form and viewing them in the profile


Advanced Search

Advanced search for any form based on your custome fields


Quick Insert

Quick form insert for a profile in modal mode


Sample Forms

add custome forms such as notes, call registration, etc. to the system with one click


Bulk Actions

Bulk Actions on forms and obtaining various types of output from them

The Fields in the Form Builder

Insert New Form in the Profile

By creating the forms required by your organization, you can create a profile very quickly. Just click on the new form button in the profile.

Quick Insert via Modal

With one click on the profile, you can open the new form in modal mode and save the information very quickly

History of Forms in the Profile

You can view and manage the forms saved for a user through the profile.

Images of the Form Builder

Introduction to other features of the La24CRM