Our services address your needs in CRM

With CRM customization, companies can easily add their own processes to the CRM system and customize it to fit their specific needs. This includes adding custom fields, configuring email and text message settings, personalizing sales and customer service processes, and more. By doing this, companies can work with greater precision and meet the specific needs of their customers more accurately.

Additionally, CRM customization helps companies continually improve their processes. By having access to customer data in the CRM system and analyzing it, companies can identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments to better meet their customers’ needs.

Overall, CRM customization helps companies provide a better customer experience, improve their business processes, and meet the specific needs of their customers more accurately.

We have placed a set of configurations within our software so that the system administrator can perform customization without the need for coding. For this purpose, we have also created a guide to help you familiarize yourself with these configurations. (The settings in our plugin are set by default upon initial installation, and you can customize any specific and advanced options according to your sales system.)

If your requirements are not met within the software, you can do the following:

Submit your request in writing using the form below, and we will provide you with a cost estimate and estimated time of completion.
You can hire a WordPress developer and implement the necessary items using the technical documentation for La24CRM.

To provide a cost estimate, we need to know the details of your project. After receiving your request, we review the product development plan. If your requirement can be developed in the short term, we give it priority at a lower cost, and an estimated time is provided based on the time required for implementation. If your requirement is not available in our program or is in the lower priority list in the development program, the cost estimate is provided based on the implementation time, technical manpower cost, project complexity, etc.

The Cost Estimation and Time Estimation Form for CRM Customization

If you are a user of our website, please submit your request through the ticket system. Otherwise, please complete the form below.

After submitting your request, a user account will be created for you and all further correspondences will be conducted through the ticket system.

Your email will also receive a response, and for further correspondences, you can visit the support ticket section in your user account.