User Panel

WooCommerce is indeed a powerful and popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress, chosen by millions of WordPress sites. Upon installation, it creates a dashboard for customers. Fortunately, WooCommerce provides a standard interface that developers can customize.

In La24, we’ve revamped this panel with an efficient and user-friendly design, enhancing it with the following features. Let’s explore these capabilities together.

Some features of the WooCommerce user panel

Manage Guest Orders

Assigning a new or old user to orders that are registered as a guest in WooCommerce
This program can be run to refactor data automatically

Compatible with WPML

Create a multilingual user panel with a language selector in the user panel for your customers
This user panel is fully compatible with the WPML plugin

Mobile Number Structure

Special settings for the structure of the mobile number and equalization of their structure automatically
We've incorporated a feature that automatically captures the country code when users enter their mobile numbers. Additionally, the system can remove the country code to standardize the structure of mobile numbers seamlessly.

Dashboard Builder

Design the user panel dashboard with attractive widgets as desired
Design the dashboard of the user panel in the form of drag and drop

Register on Checkout

By activating this feature, users log in or register via SMS OTP at the WooCommerce checkout stage, and then they can complete their billing.
با فعال سازی این قابلیت کاربران در مرحله صورتحساب ووکامرس از طریق SMS OTP لاگین و یا ثبت نام می کنند و سپس میتوانند صورتحساب خود را تکمیل کنند

Menu Setting

Adjust the user panel menu as desired
Creating nested menus with the desired link

Types of user authentication through the login form to the user panel

Two factor authentication

Email and password then one-time password with email

Username / email and password

WooCommerce standard

One time password by SMS

One-time password via SMS

Images of WooCommerce user panel environment and settings

Introduction to other features of the La24CRM