Automated Workflows

Automated Workflows run in various events to perform operations. These operations and events are diverse and each can have a significant impact on the sales system, customer satisfaction, providing better services, and more.

Additionally, this tool contributes to organizational cost reduction. Let’s explore its capabilities together.


Events in Automated Workflows

After creating a sales lead
With a powerful sales scenario and model, convert your leads into customers. Let's illustrate with an example:
On the first day, send a welcome message via SMS; on the second day, email product catalogs and introduction videos; on the third day, have a sales expert call the customer; on the 21st day, follow up with a call, and so on. Setting up the sales strategy is the responsibility of the manager, and CRM takes care of its execution.
After creating a customer
Providing better services to a customer after a purchase means word-of-mouth advertising and upselling, which requires a strong model for customer retention. With a powerful and automated tool, retain your customers effectively.
After changing the WooCommerce order status
When an order is placed, what plans do you have? Should the warehouse manager be notified? Do you want to send a message to a specific person? Do messages differ for buyers of different products? Do you want to assign support to the customer after a purchase? All these scenarios and more are covered with this automated workflows.
After submitting a ticket
Strong support means peace of mind for the customer and ultimately leaving a lasting impression. So, enhance response speed and communication with powerful tools.

What happens then?

SMS / Email

Send your custom message to a specific individual or group.


Create a new follow-up with a custom title and description.


Compatible with the La24 Ticket plugin, create your custom ticket for each individual/group.

Assigning a responsible person

Assign randomly or distribute responsibilities evenly.

New Card

Create a new card on your preferred board and track it from there.

Conditions in Automated Workflows

You can restrict the execution of the program based on various data such as gender, familiarity method, or customer orders. It is recommended to view the attached images for further clarification.

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