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New Contact

Contacts are fully coordinated with the user system in WordPress. Two types of identity are embedded in this software:

Lead: A type of contact that you intend to sell your products or services to.

User: It is a contact that is using your services or products or is a employee.

One of the most obvious differences between a user and a clue is that the user is assigned a username and password and can enter the panel with the specified access level. You can create different user roles and manage permissions according to the guide in the user role management section.

*For example, consider WooCommerce, when a customer places the purchase process on the site, at the end, WooCommerce creates a user for him in WordPress. That user can enter the WooCommerce user panel with his information and the relevant information See your orders. In CRM, you can see this user in the list of users or create users of the same type.

You can specify the custome data according to the profile personalization guide when creating a contact. For example, when creating a contact, you can create data such as age, national code or any other custome field and view it in this section.

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